Win a Free Pair of TOMS on Our Facebook Page

For a chance to win a free pair of TOMS today, take a bare-feet picture of yourself or someone else and post it on our Facebook Page.

Join us for a day without shoes for a chance to win a free pair of TOMS! Join people around the world and take your shoes off.

As part of the campaign “A Day Without Shoes” by TOMS we are hosting a contest in hopes of bringing more attention to this cause and to say thank you for joining us in this effort.

The authors of both, the picture with most “likes” and a staff pick, will be the winners of a pair of TOMS.

Be creative. Have fun with it! Make sure to have your friends like your pic!

Also, feel free to come into the stores and share your experiences with us; the staff will be barefoot as well. We want to hear what this experience means to you, what lessons you learn, what reactions you get form people. The whole point of this campaign is to get the conversation started about this issue. Let us do that!

Good luck today, a day without shoes.


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