Are Vibrams Becoming Popular?

Last summer, whenever I ran a race I would see very few other runners wearing Vibrams and would get a lot of “What are those?!” questions. I’m happy to say that it’s only March and in the races that I’ve run so far, I’ve seen an increase in the number of Vibrams and the question has changed to, “So, how do you like those?” People aren’t as shocked to see them, and instead want a personal account of what it’s like to run in them. It’s great to see that more and more people know what  Vibrams are… they’re catching on!

Last weekend my friend Julie and I ran the O’Hartford 5k. We both wear  Vibrams (I was very jealous of her white/green Bikilas… they were so fitting for St. Patrick’s Day! Am I the only person who color coordinates my  Vibrams?!) and as we got into the elevator in her building to head down to the start, we met two runners who were also on the way down, and one of them was also wearing  Vibrams! I commented that this was the first time that I had unintentionally been in the majority in terms of footwear! :)

I’m very excited to try out some of the new Vibram styles coming out, particularly the Bikila LS and the Jaya. I tend to wear Vibrams on a daily basis; my Bikilas for running, and my TrekSports or Classics for errands, meetings and work. I’m very interested to see how the laces on the Bikila LS change the feel, and I think the Jaya will become my new everyday shoe.

Check back later for when I post my reviews on the Bikila LS and the Jaya!


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  1. Steven Breslawski

    How did you get around your ruining your achilles? I tried running in them last season and was laid up for days. After every run my achilles was stiff and hurt to the point I had to walk like Frankenstein’s monster.

  2. What RJAY said is true. The first time out I only ran for 10 minutes and am building slowly. It’s like learning to run with different muscles all over gain.

  3. Agreed. Your calf muscles should feel most of the burn once you get used to running in minimalist shoes like the Five Fingers.

  4. Definitely. The first time you use them you should only run a couple hundred feet. It took me 2-3 months to work up to doing a 5k in them.

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