Barefoot running: How Humans Ran Comfortably & Safely Before the Invention of Shoes

Barefoot running is hardly a new sport.  Think about it: humans have been running for millions of years.  The modern running shoe was not invented until the 1970s.  Today’s running shoes address a laundry list of physical traits, abnormalities, etc, not to mention, they just make it way more “comfortable” to run…which may make you wonder how humans ran comfortably and safely before the invention of modern running shoes.  In this, our second Barefoot Running Series post, we will address this question.

Here are some factoids that explain exactly why this matters, compliments Professor Daniel Lieberman of Harvard University.

Part 1: Collision

Part 2: Compliance

Part 3: The Modern Running Shoe

Check back for our next posts in this series, which will cover additional physical benefits, how to find & fit proper foot protection, should you decide to give barefoot running a try, and last but not least, tips from the professional training community on how to get started with barefoot running.

Barefoot running may not be for everyone.  We caution all interested to study options carefully, discuss any changes to your fitness routine with your doctor, and should you decide to run barefoot, ease into it slowly and carefully.

Main Post image compliments of Mike Baird via Flickr.

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  2. Shoe companies are now developing shoes that can help runners feel the barefoot running experience. I found a site that promotes a traditional sandals for running.

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