Barefoot Running: Tips from The Experts On Getting Started

If you are thinking about trying barefoot running, or if you’ve been doing it for a while & aren’t sure if you’re doing it properly…here are some tips from the experts on getting started.

Jason Robillard, author of barefoot and minimalist shoe running book “The Barefoot Running Guide“, has published a a 12 week step-by-step plan to learn the art of running a barefoot 5k, based on his own experiences coupled with the advice and feedback of the many contributors to the Runner’s World Barefoot Running Forum.

His plan outlines Form, Footwear, and a conservative 12 week process to help you safely learn to run barefoot, while remaining injury free, siting that doing “too much too soon” is the most common reason for injury & can be the biggest obstacle to a successful transition to barefoot running.

Although the plan sites a goal of running a 5K, his intention is for it to be used by any runner, regardless of distance goals from a 5k to 25k, to marathon and beyond.


Within his plan, he provides a great breakdown visual of his form at two different paces on road & on a treadmill:

If you’ve got some time to review it, we also love this 10 minute highlight of a Barefoot Running Workshop presented by Josh Sutcliffe—Barefoot Josh—of Mayodan, NC, via our friend Runner Dude:

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