Breathing While Running

Learning the proper breathing techniques while running is as important to a runner as stretching beforehand or the proper motion of the body while running to prevent injuries.

Improper breathing exercises while running results in a shorter run, becoming winded or out of breath faster and more stress on the body during the run. Keeping those breathing exercises running while working out will prevent injuries and stress while motivating you to run again later. Someone who uses an exercise running machine, such as a treadmill or an elliptical, still needs to learn proper breathing while running.

Learn to breathe while standing still before trying to employ it while running. Keeping breathing exercises running while in motion requires learning the proper technique beforehand. Take a slow, deep breathe into the diaphragm. The stomach should expand while breathing in and contract while breathing out. If the chest moves, you are not breathing with your diaphragm.

When it feels natural to breathe with your stomach expanding rather than your chest, get on your exercise running machine or go to the track and start running. The next part of the breathing techniques used in running requires paying attention to the steps taken while in motion. Take a breath in for the first three steps and then breathe out for the next two. Repeat the process for a ratio of three to two for each breath. This ratio is used for a slow to moderate jog or easy run. If you are working on sprints or fast running instead, change the ratio so it is a two to one breath instead. Breathe in for two steps and exhale for one and repeat for a faster run.

Another option for breathing while running is putting on some music and breathing in time to the beat of the music. For those who have difficulty breathing and counting, playing some music while running will help improve breathing while also keeping it regular. This method is also useful for newer runners who have difficulty with other techniques because breathing in time to the beat of a song occurs naturally and prevents your mind from wandering and changing the breath.

Breathing in time to music or according to the number of steps taken during the run prevents injuries and makes running more pleasant. Ensuring that the diaphragm is engaged while breathing at the same time will provide the body with more oxygen because the entire lung capacity is engaged. These simple breathing exercises work for both beginners and experienced runners who want to improve their ability to stay on the treadmill longer.

Source: Exercise Today

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