New Haven Road Race Packet Pick Up at Trailblazer (PICS)

I just came back from the packet pick up at our New Haven store for the New Haven Road Race this Monday and things were hopping. You guys are amped!

I was able to chat with a few of you and even grab the race coordinator for JB Sports, John Bysiewicz, for a quick minute to ask him a question many of you have been wondering.

A lot of you are wondering, after Irene, how are the roads looking for race day and is the hurricane effecting race day turn out?

“They have done an amazing job cleaning the debris and making the roads clear. Race day will go beautifully and the turn out looks better than ever,” Bysiewicz said.

John was feeling positive and so was everyone else I chatted with. Kate Kenton drove up from Wallingford and said “she’s even more motivated to get out there on Monday” because she’s felt so cooped up from last week’s hurricane.

Same goes for Bob Weldon of Clinton.

“I’m antsy and can’t wait to get all of this built up energy and angst out of me. Rain or shine, Monday is going to be a release for a lot of people,” Weldon said.

Here are some picks I was able to grab during the hustle and bustle. 

Laura usually works in our Branford store but came out to NH for today.

Todd was a good sport about me tormenting him with the camera.

"Todd! Over here!"

I didn't get the woman's name Todd is speaking with, but I can assure you her face isn't that blurry in person.

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