The Local Three, Six, Five: Kate’s Down to Earth Running Community: Local Race Recap

By Guest Blogger: Kate Baron

“Life is just better when you have a goal.” – Lauren Fleshman.

My favorite and most motivating season is here!  RACE SEASON.

The start of autumn brings the start of weekend races galore.  Usually they favor hot cider, clam chowder, and other delish autumn grub – just an added delight to setting personal records, running with new friends or completing new distances – maybe even on new terrain!

For me, I always need a goal.  If I don’t have a goal – I’m destined to progress so slow that I fall off the wagon.  I think that almost every athlete can relate.  The spectrum of goals we all have is what keeps the running community diverse and exciting, and also reminds us that runners are unique individuals.  I chose a few local races I’ve run in lately and spotlighted different runners and their goals – marinate on the difference.  There are no rules. Goals keep momentum in our lives and give clear vision to a purpose. What’s your next accomplishment? Are you ready to set your next goal?


Kate’s Goal:  Have a personal best 5 mile time with the added heat of June…and beat my husband!

Andrea’s Goal:  Beat previous years’ time! 6 minutes off total race time!


Kate’s Goal: To complete race. After being diagnosed with Lyme disease and on week 4 out of 6 of antibiotics, my only goal was to finish with a smile…and a heartbeat!

Andrea’s Goal: To complete all 10 miles in the HOT and HUMID HEAT without walking. Crushed it with style! 7 minutes off race time!

Danielle’s Goal: To complete the 5k with a personal best! Box checked and ready for the next one!


Alex’s Goal:  Be a stellar doctor on night shift and then run to the race…start ½ hour late and still finish ahead of folks. (for this speedy MD – no big deal to pound out those fast miles! He beat my time and started WAY after me!)

Kate’s goal:  Run entire 20k as my first race back post Lyme disease and experience the New Haven Road

Race for the first time!


Ashley’s Goal:  To complete the 5k with NO WALKING as the finale to her “couch to 5k” program. Also, to experience getting fit and racing with her mom!  Ashley and her Mom rocked it!

Kate’s Goal:  To kick off the autumn racing season with a bang and get my head back in the speed game.


Jen, Sarah and Kate’s Goal:  To run our first obstacle race for the experience and have a great time with it!

Take some time to pick your next goal.  A new distance? Pace? Creating a running group?  Trying a different type of terrain?  Racing every weekend for a month?  Running for a month with no Garmin? (I personally could NEVER do this!).  Think about it a bit and then post your goal!  Support and inspiration from others keeps us accountable and also reminds us that we are successful even when we can’t see it in ourselves.  Pull up your local race schedule and register!  Money spend usually motivates!

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