The Local Three, Six, Five: Kate’s Down to Earth Running Community – “THE BORED RUNNER”

By Guest Blogger: Kate Baron


“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” - Henry Ford

How many ways can we apply these wise words to our lives? As I finished up my race weekend, I found myself thinking about where I’d be right now, had I continued to do what I had always done, just where I was: stagnant.

Stagnant: Characterized by lack of development, advancement, or progressive movement.

One of my favorite aspects of running is that it is not just about running.  It’s about the ebb and flow of life. It’s about triumph and battles, lessons and competition (with yourself and/or others). It’s teaches being prepared. Showing up when you’re unsure. Putting yourself on the line. Pushing through stagnant periods – knowing that you must be in motion to achieve growth of any type. These are just a few of the characteristics that running helps strengthen in our lives.

Are you stagnant?

Over the course of my life, I’ve been stuck in many different ruts – ranging from not moving my body at all, to always running the same route at the same speed. I’ve gotten attached to a brand and style of shoe and had a hard time moving on, even when they discontinued the shoe. I’ve gotten stuck when I have not been able to complete a training plan for a future goal – and needed to “pep talk” myself back out to the roads to simply get two miles in so I’d feel “back in the game”.

I’ve gotten stuck in my day to day routines and allowed my running to become routinely “blah” and a chore rather than a necessity/life saver.  If  I’m not careful, I will routinely become stagnant!  What to do?!

Change it up

Do you struggle to just get out there? Google “motivational quotes” and have a hay day!  After that – it’s up to you! Lace those puppies up and head out for a walk. You won’t regret it and you will be in motion! Then keep it consistent and frequent the motivational quotes page!

Do you struggle with being bored in your routine?  Change your route! Change the time of day you run. Change the people – or add a friend! – in your running routine.  New music? New gear? ANYTHING can be used to get you excited and motivated about life.

Do you struggle with not improving in your running?  Change your training plan to include hills, speed work, and DON’T run the same route at the same pace every day!  One of the biggest mistakes I see folks making is not changing their runs up.  Your body can adapt to routine just as fast as your mind, which means your body can get as bored as your brain!

We can ALL become stagnant in life and in running.  I use running to keep the rest of my life in motion, as well.

This past week I started running in a new pair of shoes.  These shoes require me to learn how to run in them – a totally new running form for me.  I had to give up my security blanket and took a step outside of my comfort zone.  As I went for my first half mile run I felt different. I felt my posture change. I felt my mindset change. I felt my excitement and confidence swell as I moved into an unknown world.  A challenge. A new experience. A movement forward. And just like that I was un-stuck! I felt ownership over my body and my journey. Who knew all I needed were fantastically bright shoes and a challenge to get me excited!

Are you stagnant? Do you need change? Do you need advice on how to get back in the game with a good attitude? Pitch your thoughts here!

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  1. Keeping it fresh ideas:
    – Find a running buddy whether its physical or virtual and challenge each other
    – Keep a lookout for races or events to train for (add serious ones and fun ones like a color race, mud run, local event for charity)
    – Run off course to those swing sets and monkey bars.  Stop every mile and do some cross training exercise (push ups, crunches, burpees)
    – you already mentioned this but “new running gear”

    Winter is coming….we need encouragement to keep logging miles in the cold and slushy conditions.  What are your thought?

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