By Guest Blogger: Kate Baron

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about how much running grounds me.

Physically, I feel the ground beneath my feet and know that my energy and drive are what propel me forward.  Though, it also grounds my psyche.  It keeps my thoughts flowing and fluid. It’s my quiet place of thought and reflection. I dream while I run. I solve life problems. I make amends. I create. I write. Sometimes I just simply “am” – you know the days when you feel really unsteady in life and are unsure that you are even ok…

I have come to learn, and love, that if I can push myself to get out for a run on a regular basis, I can push myself to do other feats that I might have once thought impossible.  I have learned that when life feels overwhelming, a run can loosen and let go of stress and open new thought avenues.

Whenever I’m out for a run, one of my favorite things to do is spot other runners.  I love the camaraderie nod.  I love the warnings of a loose dog or a patch of ice.  I love thinking about why we all run.  Every runner out there has a story.  And every run has it’s own story. I love thinking about what their run story of the day is.

Some days I am running from something.  Some days I’m running through something. Some days I’m running to something.

I have run through times of anxious waiting. I’ve run through times of sheer excitement. I’ve run through boredom, and to keep myself out of trouble. I’ve run to make friends. I’ve run because I was stuck. I’ve run because I felt like a gazelle and I’ve run because my head told my body it couldn’t do it.

This beautiful aspect of running has made it my own personal therapist.

This beautiful aspect of running is how I know that I will be a runner (or athlete) for life.

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