The North Face Unveils Their New Technology: FlashDry

The North Face recently unveiled its Fall 2012 collection of equipment, apparel and footwear at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market in Salt Lake City, calling attention to the science behind new products that solve the problems, like cold and wet, that athletes have been facing for generations.

FlashDry, a technology innovation proprietary and exclusive to The North Face, made its industry debut as a major focus for the company products moving forward. FlashDry utilizes a particle technology that has been used in garments for the Fall 2012 collection in everything from waterproof, breathable laminates to knits in jackets, baselayers, hats and gloves throughout the line. The porous particles of FlashDry work with your body to regulate temperature by accelerating moisture removal and dramatically improving dry time. Individually, articles with FlashDry outperform anything available on the market, but when worn together in a layering system with a baselayer, mid-layer and jacket, the dry time is even faster than when wearing alone.

The North Face developed FlashDry as part of the Physiologic process, an ongoing loop of communication between The North Face athletes who test product and the designers and researchers who are developing the product. Physiologic helps to ensure there is constant innovation within gear, apparel and footwear, while remaining true to the physiological needs of the athletes and consumers who are using the product to push their personal limits in the outdoors.

Check out our first hand demo below.

“Moisture is a problem for every consumer and every athlete, particularly in the cold, rainy fall and winter months,” said Vice President of Product for The North Face Philip Hamilton. “We developed FlashDry to solve that problem and to help eliminate dangerous distractions whether you’re running, climbing or riding this winter.”

The North Face runner Kami Semick’s dramatic experience at the 2010 Courmayeur Champex Chamonix, a sister race of the famed 166K Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc, directly inspired FlashDry and the creation of the Fall 2012 Running Collection. Taking place high in the French Alps, variable weather at the event’s start quickly turned severe as winter-like rain and snow battered the runners on high passes. In an effort to only carry lightweight apparel and gear, Semick lacked the proper protection for such extreme conditions and was nearly hypothermic when she crossed the finish line after 57 grueling miles.

“We’re able to combine FlashDry with our highest-performing fabrics and advanced construction techniques to deliver a system of comprehensive protection from the most difficult conditions in any season,” said Hamilton.

The North Face introduced close to 100 new pieces into Fall ’12 collection featuring FlashDry technology across all activity categories.

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