Tough Mudder Trailblazer Aftermath with Paola Guevara

Tough Mudder has come and gone, but the the Trailblazer/Denali team is still feeling the effects. Let’s dig in with some follow up questions this week to see how they faired at this past week’s chaos in Vermont.

Second up, Paola Guevara.

How did the event compare to your expectations? Was it easier or tougher than you thought it would be? I can’t say for sure, I was expecting a rope climb, but it wasn’t there. And I wasn’t expecting to sprain my ankle so early, but I did, so it had it’s ups and downs.

What gear did you use? Do you think you made the right choices? What would you do differently? I definitely had a great  shirt TB team shirt), shoes and undergarments, next time I’d wrap my ankles and get better fit gloves. I borrowed a friend’s and they got rocks inside.

What did you think was going to be the worst obstacle? and was it actually the worst? If not than what was? Like I said, I expected a rope climb and that would’ve been the worst for me, since I lack upper body strength. I found the Berlin walls to my least favorite. I couldn’t get myself up at all, thankfully, I had a team of strong boys.

How was the electroshock? Terrible, but only for a few seconds. It definitely woke you from all the exhaustion that was starting to settle.

How did you feel the day after? Stiff, tired, and like a champ.

Will you be doing another Tough Mudder? Hell, yes! I’d love to be able to do it in Vibram FiveFingers, but I would actually have to start training months in advance.

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