Trailblazer and Denali Team Up for Tough Mudder: Profile – Derek Humphrey

Our team is getting totally  psyched for Tough Mudder this weekend. Last but not least, and rounding out our week profile series is, Derek Humphrey, our New Haven store manager!

Motto: “Send it!”

As of right now, how are you feeling about taking on the Tough Mudder Challenge? It’s definitely going to be a challenge and a new experience. I’m psyched to have a whole day for our Blazin’ team to run around tackling obstacles.

What forms of training have you been pursuing in an attempt to help prepare yourself for Tough Mudder? I’ve been trying to run pretty consistently three days a week, bike (mostly commuting) every day, stretching, and supplement my cardio with a good diet and bouldering, roped climbing, slacklining, and basic strength/core work-outs. Beer is a decent part of the nutrition though, so we’ll see how it goes.

How will you be gearing up for Tough Mudder? What footwear will you be wearing? I’ve had some knee problems in recent years, so I’ll be rocking a knee brace, a Trailblazer Team tech-tee, Patagonia shorts, and I’ve been training in Vibram FiveFinger’s  Spyridon LS’s. I’ll probably use an older pair of Vasque Blur trail runners for breathability and destruction purposes.

What obstacle most intimidates you? I’m not super pumped about the Electric Eel, but my MO will be bombing through and hoping for the best.

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