Trailblazer and Denali Team Up for Tough Mudder: Profile – Matt Barrett

Our team is getting totally  psyched for Tough Mudder this weekend. This week, let's take a look at who will take over the Mudder this time around. Name: Matt Barrett Motto: "This course is bananas!" As of right now, how are you feeling about taking on the Tough Mudder Challenge? Stoked! I can’t wait. Hanging out with friends in southern VT for a 10 mile run through obstacles titled “ball shrinker”, electric “Eel”, “underwater tunnels” , yea, sounds like fun. What forms of training have you been pursuing in an attempt to help prepare yourself for Tough Mudder? Mostly slack lining and running, although bouldering and high lining will be included in my training regimens in the near future How will you be gearing up for Tough Mudder? What footwear will you be wearing? TNF Reaction Tee, TNF paramount cargo shorts, some form of marina wool underwear and Merrell Trail Glove minimalist shoes. What obstacle most intimidates you? The “Boa constrictor” look it up, woo  

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