Favorite New Haven, Glastonbury, Hartford, and Newington Trails for Spring Adventure Race Training

Hey Trailblazers!  Just got back from a training session in preparation for my next adventure race and my I Pod died.  Nothing like looking forward to some Alice in Chains, Days of the New and Pearl Jam and having to listen to myself breathe heavy for 45 minutes in the middle of the wilderness…

The trail I was running is located in Glastonbury just behind a CT Police Shooting range.  I guess you can say it keeps my hustling, but in all due honesty, the trail runs the other direction.  The runs are frequent and range anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours with various altitudes.

I like running at Wintergreen Park in New Haven and both East Rocks and West Rocks in the New Haven area.  When I am at work personal training and/ or coaching in Glastonbury time allows me to escape to the Hartford area.

Tomorrow I will try to take my mountain bike through the trails of Newington with a very charged IPOD and plenty of H2o.  I lost my water bottle on my last ride and big regrets as cramping came on.

Take care all!

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