5 Favorite Travel Destinations to Get Out & Get Immersed In Culture

Inspiration comes from many sources in our lives and to me I have always been very receptive to my surroundings.

Be it the street musicians rocking out along Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago, or the ambient sounds of prayer wheels being spun in Nepal. The images of our lives are culminations of our experiences from many sources. These experiences make us who we are.

There are so many different mindsets on exactly what an adventure is, all based around your interest. To one a lengthy logistical ice-climbing expedition to Patagonia might just be your choice. While to another a simple loading up the car and head out to climb Devils Tower over a long weekend is your extended idea of an adventure. Whatever it is as long as you are out traveling in your own style is all that matters. We only ask that you get to know the locals and immerse yourself into the local culture while you are there, where ever there might be. Take some time from your adventure and meet with the natives, stay with a host family, and engage in some local practices. You will be absolutely awe struck by the experience that you will gain.

To us really getting out there, seeing something new, being a complete outsider trying to understand the local ways, customs, people, and yes coffee, is what is an adventure to us. There are countless areas around the world that we can gain this cultural immersion, but we have choice our top 5 destinations to get out there and get immersed.

Peru: the Andean Indians of the Andes

The heart and soul of South America, the native people of Peru and the Andes are enriched in their culture and identity. Their unique characteristic villages, distinctive art work, and mysterious history have brought many adventures looking for a deeper understanding of the culture and the landscape. Home of Macchu Picchu, the Andes, 6767M Huascaran, and the rich Peruvian coffee Peru will leave you with a deeper enriched adventure.

India: Songs & people that will enlighten

You travel to India looking for an adventure in the Landscape, a gateway to the Himalayas, but you will quickly learn that the landscapes of India is its people. A landscape has a spirit, a sense of belonging to the past as well as the present. and in that way you quickly feel that Indian people held all of this and more. The basic essence of India is through its people. The origin and spiritual land of Yoga and Ashrams are enough to fill the mind with wonder and amazement.

It is easy to get swallowed by the culture and the history at the Taj Mahal, taken in my the holy ashrams,  find hours of meditation along side the Ganges River, peacefully enjoying the balance mild coffees of the region,  and summiting Kanchenjuga.  Taken in by all the culture, people and religion in the region it is easy to find yourself immersed in a culture.

Nepal: Finding Karma

The songs, spirits, and landscapes here will put even the most skeptical adventure into a cultural trance. The prayer flags soften and calm every adventurers welcome into this tranquil culture. The soft Buddhist chants and soft ambient sounds of prey wheels being spun puts you into a peaceful cultural state.

Surrounded by the highest mountains in the world finding yourself lost in the culture and landscape is inevitable. Sitting amongst the largest snow capped giants you quickly understand your humble role.  The first spin of the prayer wheels brings you one step closer to being coming immersed into a country of calm, respective people.

Ethiopia:  Immersed in one of the worlds oldest cultures

Intermingled with a culture, a landscape, a nation, and a people that will each immerse you into a culture of wonder and peace. Ethiopia is truly a land of contrast and extremes; a land of remote and wild places. You will find a culture here older then you may imagine. As Abyssinia, its culture and traditions date back over 3,000 years. A country enriched in history, and culture you will find an amazing adventure in some of the rarest landscapes in the world.

Trekking and climbing in the Simien Mountains can introduce you to both a landscape and a people that will reshape your life. Home of some of the worlds richest and purest coffee, a culture and experience can be built around the understanding of this countries cash crop.

Bolivia: High in the Andes

You will find a landscape that will take you away. A landscape that averages around 12,000 feet, where you will find dessert tundras, mountains, and culture. The air is thin here but providing stunning adventures into the mountains and around a people as interesting as the different vista you find throughout the landscape. A visit to the countries Altiplano will leave you with an imagination full of wonder and curiosity. The Altiplano is where the Andes are at their wildest, and is the most extensive area of high plateau on earth outside of Tibet.

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