5 Ways to Make Your Stay-cation a Real Vacation!

Sometimes it’s assumed that you have to travel for a vacation, but in my opinion, if you don’t have the cash or time, and then consider taking a staycation, especially after this week’s Irene havoc. – Tony

Here’s how to make it fun:

1.   Leave Work Behind:  To make your staycation feel more like an out-of-town vacation, you should take at least a few days off of work.  Not going to the office or having to deal with work-related issues will make your staycation less stressful and more carefree.

2.   Disconnect:  To me, a vacation means no phone, e-mail, or facebook and the same rules apply while on a staycation.  Disconnecting from work, people, and the online world will help you feel more connected to whomever you’re staycatioing with, which in my case is my fiancé.  Disconnecting from the world will let you feel more at peace and make your time off seem like a real vacation.  For even more peace, you may even want to consider disconnecting the alarm clock.

3.   Be a Tourist:  Being a tourist in your own city is possibly the best way to make a staycation feel like a vacation.  Take this time to visit historical sites, monuments, popular architectural sites, parks, etc.  The possibilities are endless.  The idea is to be creative and visit places you’ve never seen or haven’t visited in a long time…you’ll be amazed how much fun you’ll have.  My fiancé and I plan on visiting Falling Water this year and I couldn’t be more excited.

4.   Go Poolside:  A day by the pool is the perfect way to end your staycation.  If you own a pool at home, great, if not, a day at the public pool shouldn’t cost much.  All you’ll have to worry about is cooling off, getting a tan, and having some cocktails.  It’s amazing how a day at the pool can make you feel relaxed and out-of-town.

5.   Take Pictures:  When I go away on vacation, I take tons of pictures, so why not do the same while at home?  Taking pictures while touring, at dinner, or at the pool will show how much fun your staycation was and allow you to remember the good times, always.

Source: My Care One

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