A Quick Guide to the Best iPhone Outdoor Apps

Apps and iPhone: Two words that have become not only a day to day activity for most of us, but an obsession. But who's to say we can't use our new found addiction to our benefit to further enhance the fresh air and soothing sounds of the dirt under our soles. Not me... - Tony A growing library of apps have been developed for the outdoor-minded. They range in purpose from mapping to bird identification and everything in between. Here's a list of some great iPhone apps designed to enhance your family time outdoors. Trails & Mapping: AccuTerra AccuTerra - On Demand Maps & GPS Tracker - AccuTerra by Intermap AccuTerra provides GPS tracking and on-demand maps for hiking, running, biking, skiing, snowboarding and camping. Price: FREE; Map downloads cost extra. EveryTrail EveryTrail - GlobalMotion Media, Inc EveryTrail allows users to track their hiking trips and share the GPS tracks. There are also downloadable audio guides. Price: FREE iHikeGPS iHikeGPS - James Associates Inc. iHikeGPS makes GPS tracks on topographical maps optimized for mobile use. Price: $7.99 iTrail iTrail - Justin Davis iTrail provides GPS recording and sports performance tracking. Price: $2.99 Bird, Animal & Plant Guides: iBird Explorer Plus iBird Explorer Plus - Mitch Waite Group Awarded Macworld Magazine's "Best Reference App 2009", iBird Explorer Plus is the premier bird identification app. It has detailed bird descriptions and 5 hours of audio bird songs. Price: $19.99 MyNature Animal Tracks MyNature Animal Tracks - MyNature Inc. MyNature Animal Tracks is an award-winning app that aids in the identification animal tracks. There is a searchable database of tracks with integrated range maps and animal descriptions. Price: $4.99 MyNature Tree Guide (Read Review) MyNature Tree Guide - MyNature Inc. MyNature Tree Guide aids in the identification of over 200 trees in North America. There is a identification wizard that steps through the identification process. Price: $4.99 Park Guides: Chimani Acadia (Read Review) Chimani Acadia National Park - Chimani, LLC Chimani Acadia is a comprehensive guide to Acadia National Park in Maine. The GPS-enabled app features points of interest, an audio tour and bus schedules. Price: $4.99 Chimani Cape Cod National Seashore Chimani Cape Cod National Seashore - Chimani, LLC Chimani Acadia is a comprehensive guide to Cape Cod National Seashore. The GPS-enabled app features points of interest, an audio tour and beach guide. Price: $2.99 Chimani Yosemite National Park Chimani Yosemite National Park - Chimani, LLC Chimani Acadia is a comprehensive guide to Yellowstone National Park. The GPS-enabled app features points of interest, an audio tour and shuttle bus schedule. Price: $4.99 Park Guides Park Guides - Shearwater Marketing Group The National Parks Conservation Association free field guide provides information about 50 National Parks. Price: FREE Weather: AccuWeather.com AccuWeather.com The Weather Channel The Weather Channel® Sun Alert Sun Alert - Orlin Kolev Biking: Ride the City - NYC Ride the City - NYC Ride the City - NYC provides bike routes through New York using the OpenStreetMap project. Users can enter start and end points and and a custom route is generated based on current traffic conditions and the presence of dedicated bike lanes. Wilderness Survival: Army Survival for iPad/iPhone Army Survival for iPad/iPhone Educational: Let's Go Chipper Let's Go Chipper - It's all Good media Award-winning educational app to aid children in connecting to the natural world around them. Price: $4.99 Source: Outbound Family

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