Amazing Underground Homes You Won’t Believe

No, this isn’t some weird Lost fan book. They’s real houses. You can’t book a stay in these places like you can a hotel, but they just might change your idea of a dream home. - Tony

Green enthusiast and British football star Gary Neville’s house-to-be is hidden under the ground, save for the petal-shaped openings that flood the interior with light. The one-story, nearly 8,000 sq ft structure was designed to keep energy consumption to a minimum.

Designed by the architects of SeArch and Christian Müller, this home in Vals,Switzerland is hidden on all sides save for one. By building the house underground, the architects were able to almost completely eliminate the need for heating or cooling in the winter and summer months.

The underground cottages surrounding Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater, will reside in the hills of the 5,000-acre Bear Run Nature Reserve that surrounds the architect’s most famous home.

Modern designs meets cave-dwelling with this eye-popping home nestled inside of a 15,000-square foot sandstone cave in Festus, Missouri. Built by Curt and Deborah Sleeper, the underground abode features smart examples of energy-efficientarchitecture like geothermal heating and passive design that keep the interior comfortable while completely eliminating the need for a furnace or air conditioning.

Peeking out from underneath bumpy layers of greenery, this Swiss estate looks more like something out of a fairy tale than real life. Designed by Vetsch Architektur, the structure was built using earth house construction, resulting in an insulating blanket that protects it from rain, low temperatures, wind and natural abrasion.

Source: Jetsetta

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