An Easy Winter Makes an Easy Spring Transition

Old man winter took it easy on us this year. 

But that doesn’t mean we should forget what the arrival of spring means to us.  Cookouts.  Baseball.  Biking.  Running.  Flowers.  Ideal climbing temps.  Spring is the magical season that inspires us to get outside more than any other.  Winter is over.  No more hiding under all those layers of clothes.

The dogwoods are in full bloom, the grass is lush, and soon the trees will all be budding with neon green.  We all need as many excuses as possible to get out of the office, get out of the house so we can close our eyes and take a deep breath.  You can taste it this time of year.  It is invigorating.

We make resolutions on new years, in the dark heart of winter.  Wouldn’t it be better to make them on the first day of Spring?  It is a perfect fit.  Spring is about awakening and birth.  Why not harness that positive energy and use it to give us a push in the right direction.  Start fresh.

My Vernal resolution for 2012:  more picnics.

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