Diverse Choices for Summer Vacation Plans in New England

This is the time of year as we look forward to summer and ask the annual question of “where are we going to go on vacation this year?”  As the fees for air travel continue to mount, far off destinations seem less attractive than they used to be.  So, many of us decide to pack the car and head out on a road trip to the idyllic vacation spot.   However, the thought of spending endless hours on the eternal highway seems daunting.

Living in New England, we are definitely blessed with diverse and unique vacation areas that are not only breathtakingly scenic; they are within just a few hours drive.  From the coastline to mountainous terrain, New England has spectacular tourist regions to satisfy any appetite.

The epiphany struck me recently of vacationing locally.  Not to say that I never vacationed in New England before.  I’ve hit the major areas, mostly on long weekends because they were close and I could fit it in.  This time I want to take the time and do some research on where I can spend a week to ten days.  I was blown away.  There were so many cool places I never even heard of.   I was overwhelmed with the possibilities:

I am going to have to limit my options on which activities are most important to me and make a “vacation loop” visiting three distinct areas.  It is important that each of these locations is close to a quaint New England village.  As we all know, a rainless vacation in this part of the country is unheard of; so I wanted to make sure that I have a backup plan in case of a “washout” day. So, looking for some local festivities will be part of the plan.  And good shopping is always a plus!

I decided I want to split my accommodations between camping and Bed and Breakfast.  This allowed me a balance between the great outdoors with that all too necessary pamper time.  Between searching for new camping equipment and B&B locations, I felt like a kid in a candy store.  So many new choices for camping equipment that I needed to establish a budget before I went completely crazy.  Searching for B&B locations wasn’t any easier – they all look so cozy and relaxing. I was ready to move into any of them immediately.

I haven’t made any final decisions on where I will land this summer; but I am happy with my decision to stay in New England.  So many riches, so close to home.

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