FlashDry Included in The North Face’s Fall 2012 Line

With all the new latest waterproof/breathable fabrics on the market, there’s one thing that remains constant — water droplets.

With all laminated fabrics from Gore-Tex, eVent, Polartec and the like, the most efficient way to transfer perspiration through them is in vapor form. Well, changing perspiration droplets into vapor takes time and that time is what makes you wet from the inside-out.

To combat this, The North Face has developed their new FlashDry technology and will be releasing it on nearly 100 items for Fall 2012. FlashDrywill be a core part of several key new products as well as being added to many of their top-performing items.

A quick bit from The North Face on FlashDry:

The porous particles of FlashDry work with your body to regulate temperature by accelerating moisture removal and dramatically improving dry time. Individually, articles with FlashDry™ outperform anything available on the market, but when worn together in a layering system with a baselayer, mid-layer and jacket, the dry time is even faster than when wearing alone.

The technical demo of the fabric was what wow’d me. Two fabric swatches (one with FlashDry and one without), a constant drip and a puddle under one and nothing under the other. The FlashDry fabric dried so quickly that the water never even had time to fully-saturate the fabric while the regular fabric soaked it up and allowed the water to puddle below. Amazing.

Look for FlashDry in a wide variety of products from base layers to hard-shells this Fall.

Source: TNF

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