Gifts for Keeping Organized on Trips

Admit it; it has happened to you before. You have tried so hard to make sure you pack everything for your trip, yet you forget something very important. Or perhaps it is your travel companion who can’t seem to remember something. I’ve been there, I once forgot my hiking boots when heading up to New Hampshire in March to hike. If you are looking for something to add to your wish list or you need to help someone else get more organized check out our selection of Eagle Creek travel accessories.

 Pack-It Cube - Constantly rifling through your bag looking for socks or underwear? Keep those smaller items separate with a Pack-It Cube so they are quicker and easier to locate.

 Pack-It Caddy – Keep your toiletries all in one convenient place with the Pack-It Caddy. The Caddy has numerous zip pockets and opens up with a hook so that you can hang it up to use its mirror or grab an item quickly.

Pack-It Folder – If you are traveling with nice clothes that you don’t want to get wrinkled than the Folder is for you. The Folder comes with its own folding instruction board so that you can get your shirts and pants the right size to fit into the carrying case. The Folder also fits into many carry-on bags and briefcases.

 Pack-It Compression Sac Set – Save room in your bag by putting bulky clothes or jackets in a compression bag. These sacs remove up to 80% of packing volume by eliminating air. They also are helping for keeping your dirty laundry separate from the clean stuff on your return trip home.

 No Matter What Duffel – This duffel is so organized it comes with its stuff pouch for storage when not being used. The No Matter What Duffel is dependable AND the main body is made with 100% recycled fabric.

 Wheeled Luggage – Eagle Creek makes some amazing wheeled duffel bags. They are built with the adventure traveler in mind with durable wheels and compression straps for keeping everything in place.

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