How Do You Optimize Your Vacation?

With limited vacation days, you may be wondering how, or even if, you can optimize your vacation for maximum pleasure and relaxation.  Turns out that scientists have been busy figuring it out for us.

According to the Boston Globe, “psychologists and economists have looked in some detail at vacations — what we want from them and what we actually get out of them. They have advice about what really matters, and it’s not necessarily what we would expect.”  Some key points that have been uncovered by these studies:

  • How long we take off probably counts for less than we think
  • We’re often happier planning a trip than taking one
  • Vacation interruptions can actually help us enjoy our vacation more
  • How a trip ends matters more than how it begins
  • Who your with is as important as where you go
  • If you want to remember your vacation vividly, do something you’ve never done before
  • It’s important to force yourself to take a vacation…people are generally prone to procrastination even when it comes to things that will ultimately make us happy.

So, what are you waiting for? Stop procrastinating, plan that vacation, and get out there!

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