How To NOT Dig Out After a Long Weekend

It’s the day after a weekend of BBQ-ing, patio relaxation, and margarita’s on the beach, so here’s how to keep it going… – Tony

6 am … Flag your emails
Because marking them for reading later is better then dealing with them now.

7 am …. Start a major bike repair project.
That headset isn’t going to repack itself.

8 am …. Walk your dog off-leash down by the river.
She’s had a long weekend, too. And she never runs away, except during morning walks off-leash down by the river.

9 am … Drop your car off to get that brake work done, finally.
It seemed like a really smart idea at the time to book an appointment for first thing after a long weekend, didn’t it.

10:30 am … Make coffee
Clearly, you’re not agitated enough.

11:00 am … Call your mother and wish her a belated birthday.
She misses you.

11:15 am … Get back on your routine
Hit your Google Reader program, hard. Make sure you missed nothing at all over the long weekend.

11:30 am …. Work in a lunchtime trail run
Routine is everything. And without exercise, it’s going to be tough to focus on the day ahead.

12:30 pm…. Eat lunch at your desk.
And catch up on the Women’s World Cup standings. Productivity is everything.

1 pm … Prioritiize your flagged emails
Efficiency is everything.

1:30 pm … Staff meeting
If there’s not a business version of “schadenfrude,” there should be.

2:30 pm … Clean your desktop
A clean worskpace fuels productivity.

3 pm …. Make coffee
A little afternoon pick me-up? Don’t mind if I do!

3:15 pm … Schedule a haircut appointment for pre-Outdoor Retailer
10 days prior to the show is ideal, allowing for natural grow in.

3:30 pm … Take a break
A rested mind is a productive mind.

4 pm … Call your father
He misses you.

4:30 pm … Social media research
Being fluent in Facebook is important to your clients.

5:30 pm … Prioritize the next day’s task list
You are a machine!

Source: Wicked Outdoorsy

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