Laura’s Journey Brought Us Inspiration Through Her Own Reality (PICS)

Huge thank you to Laura and all that came out to see her Southbound presentation last night in our Branford store.

I don’t even like using the word “presentation” here. Laura gave us so much more. She touched on the realities of her journey by diving into the depths of the ups and downs of her solo trip, not through a point and picture show, but through an emotional account of each location; something you could see on her face as she spoke.

Laura was revisiting the locations mentally and those of us that were there were able to feel it, too.

Check out some of the pics from last night below. The smiles were contagious.

Lauda's mother was so proud. You can see her beaming here.

We held a fun little raffle at the end. No, he didn't win the computer, bet even better, some rock salt Laura brought back from her trip.

Another rock salt winner!

The winner of some gloves hand woven by a Bolivian woman Laura brought back with her.

Winner of the "good luck charm" Laura brought back. My advice to him was not to drink it. He agreed.



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