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Nowadays so many products are made overseas. It’s like a breath of fresh air when you get something and it says on it Made in the U.S.A.Therm-a-Rest, the world’s first self inflating mattress, manufactures their mattresses in Seattle, Washington. In fact they have been making their mattress there for the last 40 years.

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I have a growing collection of Therm-a-Rest products, including 3 different mattresses. It started out with a ProLite for camping and backpacking. The two things that drew me to it were its ability to self-inflate and that it packed up well for travel.

Next in my collection came the Z Lite. I was going to be camping in a quinzee in New Hampshire for a few February nights and needed to double up my mattresses and have one that was closed cell. The closed cell was for not only staying warm at night but also to be turned into an insulated seat during the day. Our “bench” was snow around a fire pit dug into a few feet of the white fluffy stuff. The Z Lite also came with me while canoeing in the Boundary Waters of Minnesota since I thought it would dry the quickest.

My mattress collection has been rounded out with a NeoAir. It packs up the smallest and gives the most cushioning. If you move around a lot be warned that the NeoAir makes a crinkling sound sometimes. The NeoAir is great when packing space is an issue.

Even though I have three I tend to always find myself grabbing the ProLite, my first Therm-a-Rest mattress. It is extremely versatile in my opinion. I should note that when I am not out traveling with it that I leave it open and unrolled. This keeps the inner foam from deforming from being folded or rolled up in one position for too long.

Therm-a-Rest Prototype picture from Cascade Designs


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