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New Events for the 2014 Sochi Olympics

Ski Halfpipe – Men and Women:
Ski halfpipe is a young and dynamic event that will complement the recent introductions of the popular freestyle ski cross and snowboard halfpipe events that drew high spectator numbers and television audiences at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games. One competitor at a time performs a routine of acrobatic jumps, flips, twists and other maneuvers on a half-pipe. The athletes are judged on their take-offs, the height they reach above the top of the pipe, and difficulty of their maneuvers. A qualification round and final round are staged, with two runs per athlete in both.
Freeskiing slopestyle (men and women)
The hybrid slopestyle event combines the liftoff skills of aerialists and skateboarders with the downhill speed of an alpine skier. Each competition is judged based on tracks executed on jumps and rails while skiing on a downhill course.
Snowboard slopestyle (Men and women)
See ski slopestyle and replace the skis with a board. The flying tomato Shaun White is an ace and X Games champion in the event.
Snowboard parallel special slalom (men and women)
This is a slopestyle event for two athletes racing side-by-side down identical parallel courses with identical obstacles. The athlete who reaches the bottom first without wrecking wins.
Women’s Ski Jumping:
Women’s ski jumping is an individual event performed on the normal hill that operates under the same competition format as the corresponding men’s competition. There are two competition rounds: the first and final rounds. Each athlete gets two jumps and receives a score based on distance and style. The athlete with the highest combined score is the winner.
Biathlon Mixed Relay:
The mixed relay has proven very popular with biathlon fans, and the qualification system for the event is partly designed to encourage National Olympic Committees (NOCs) to pay equal attention to the development of athletes of both genders. The mixed relay features two female athletes and two male athletes from the same NOC competing together. Women race a 6 km leg and men race a 7.5 km leg in the following order: W-W-M-M. Each athlete shoots twice (1 prone, 1 standing). For every missed target a penalty loop of 150 m must be skied. The start is performed simultaneously in three rows, with the start order based on the results of the World Cup Nations Cup Score (combined for men and women).
Figure Skating Team Event:
The figure skating team event will feature teams made up of six skaters: one male skater, one female skater, one skating pair and one ice dance couple. Points are awarded to each skater/ couple. The team with the highest number of aggregate points is declared the winner.
Luge Team Relay:
This new race format features teams comprised of a doubles sled, a women’s singles sled and a men’s singles sled. All three entrants from one team slide one after another with the clock stopping only after the third sled has crossed the finish line. A touch pad at the finish line must be activated by an athlete in one sled before the gate at the start line opens for the following team member to compete.
From the International Olympic Committee and Sports Illustrated
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