New Haven Advocate Party With Trailblazer

We were excited to be honored with this year’s New Haven Advocate Reader’s Poll award for “Best Outdoor Outfitter”, once again.

So, a few of us (Derek, Lauren, Chris, and Tony) went to the party this week to accept the award, eat some amazing food, have some drinks, and have some laughs.

Below are some pics of our adventures. Enjoy! We did! - Tony

Very informative...

Just one of the awesome food stations throughout the ballroom.

Anthony's Ocean view was packed with winners. One woman I heard taped her award to her back. Impressive.

Derek is the Trailblazer New Haven manager. Derek also likes beer, climbing, and long walks with his girlfriend Lauren on the beach. Oh, and picnics. He loves picnics!

Derek brought his girlfriend Lauren, so Chris from Denali turned out to be a great date.

I love lamp.

Awwww... We made a beer flower.

Chris loves listening.

We were one of the last ones there and got to see the back area after the rain stopped. There was a squirrel, too!

You had me at asl.

Apparently, the coat checker was unavailable, so Derek stepped in.

Apparently, the coat checker was unavailable, so Derek stepped in.

Lauren snagged up some great pics for us, too. Great night!

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