Travel Insurance Options For Outdoor Pursuits

Travel insurance has become increasingly popular, even among the most budget-minded travelers recently.  Natural disasters (like erupting volcanoes, or just plain extreme weather) and the general challenges dealing with airline travels these days have reminded us that things can go awry when you don’t make it to a destination in time for the start of a cruise or tour.  Nothing like a huge investment (not to mention something you may be greatly looking forward to) going down the tubes simply because Mother Nature was not aware of how important that Carribean vacation might be for you…or how much more it might cost you to bunk up in a hotel unexpectedly when you simply cannot fly out for several days.

Those of us who are outdoor adventurers should be aware that there are travel insurance options to protect our investment in the kinds of trips we enjoy taking as well.  Protection plans for climbing peaks can be tough to find, so we were excited to learn (thanks to Michael Lanza of Backpacker Magazine) about a couple of options worth checking out next time you set out on your big adventure:

Adventure Travel Protection Plan from AIG/Travel Guard

This one is Michael’s favorite, and is “one of the only policies that covers climbing and hiking at altitude.”  The basic plan is fairly comprehensive with coverage for cancellation/interruption, replacement cost for lost luggage (aka=critical trip gear), $25K for emergency medical & $500K for emergency evacuation.  Quotes appear to be very reasonable (Michael was quoted $73.47 for his 5 day sea-kayaking trip to Glacier Bay Alaska…an $1800 guided trip)

American Alpine Club

Basic Membership ($75/year, less if you’re under 28 or over 66) with AAC includes their Global Rescue Service, which covers up to $5K for rescue service.


If you’ve invested in some great, but costly, upcoming trips…these may be worth checking out.  We always hope that nothing will go awry getting to our destinations, but why not spend just a few bucks more making sure our money has not been wasted if it does?

(Photo Courtesy of Sean Knoflick)

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