Ultimate Adventure: Rafting the Grand Canyon

Rafting the Grand Canyon:  This Ultimate Adventure has been on our list since we were kids and first saw the Grand Canyon.

Seeing it from above just wasn’t for us. We needed to get down into it. Explore it by foot and by boat. The river is one of the most stunning rivers in the nation. The most tradition way to travel the Grand Canyon is via a Dory. This is a human-powered wooden boat, and when placed into the river with some of the most unforgiving rapids the boat turns into a bucking bronco. Hold on you are going for a ride.

Weather you travel the traditional way or via a new modern day raft you are sure to see the Canyon in a totally different light. Traveling the Grand Canyon on a Dory can take up to 15 days. 15 days that will be filled with over 48 major rapids, vistas and colors in the Canyon that can only be seen from the water, and waterfalls that plug into the canyon that are only accessible via the river. It will truly be a once in a life time adventure that you will never forget.

Trips are somewhat difficult to book as there are National Park Service restrictions. The National Park Service restricts recreational boating opportunities on the Colorado River within Grand Canyon National Park to one trip per year per individual.  Because of this regulation, the Grand Canyon river outfitters cannot accept a reservation from any individual who has or will participate in any other full or partial canyon commercial or non-commercial river trip within the same calendar year. However on the flip side this all works into your favor because the river is much less crowded.

The Ultimate Adventure is perfect for any adventurous person, is ready to get wet, take a float, and maybe drink a little water along the way.

For more information on this incredible Ultimate Adventure Check out:

>>Grand Canyon River Outfitter Association>>

>>Grand Canyon National Park Service>>

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