Whale Shoots Rainbow Out Of Blowhole (VIDEO)

Best title ever? We know what you're thinking and yes, you saw that right: A whale just shot a rainbow out of its blowhole. A rainbow. While the video is from 2011, it's still full of awesome. According to YouTube user rsean9000, the double-take-worthy incident occurred while on a whale watching cruise off Nova Scotia. "It was not until I watched the video much later that I saw the spray of the whale closest to the boat catch the sun and turn the spray into a rainbow," rsean9000 said in the video's info section. "It looks as if the whale is blowing a rainbow out of it's blowhole." The crazy moment harks back to some amazing whale footage from last year in which a humpback whale danced for miles after boaters saved it from a being tangled in nylon netting. As the video documents, the crew worked for more than an hour to free the whale and save it from drowning.

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