American Robin, Connecticut’s State Bird

For many of us, the sound of a robin is often a signal that winter is almost over. This time of year though they are heading south for warmer weather. Back in 1943 the Legislature approved the American robin as the Connecticut state bird over the often suggested ruby-crowned kinglet. We aren’t alone, the American robin is also the state bird of Michigan and Wisconsin. Here are some facts to let you know more about our state bird.

American Robin Facts

Wingspan 12.2 – 15.7 inches

Weight 3 oz

Lifespan on average is 6 years with the oldest recorded lifespan of 13 years 11 months

Enjoy fruit in the fall and winter and can become intoxicated on honeysuckle berries

Most often found puling up worms in your yard in the spring and summer

During the winter a robin roost can be as large as a quarter-million birds

They are gray-brown in color with orange underparts

Males grow black feathers on their heads during the breeding season

Females choose their mates based on their song and the desirability of the nest they built

Females usually lay 3-4 eggs

They are songbirds belonging to the thrushes family


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