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Dive, Dive, Dive: Facts about Ospreys

Once endangered in North America the osprey is making a comeback. In the 1950s pollutants such as DDT threatened to destroy the osprey populations. The chemical would cause the bird’s eggshells to be thin making them more susceptible to danger. Today you can find man-made platforms in wetlands around New England to help preserve and protect the birds when they come north to breed.

Osprey Facts

Ospreys can be found on every continent except Antarctica

They live an average of 30 years

Fish make up 99% of their diet

Ospreys will dive to the water from 30-100 feet up

When flying the osprey will carry the fish headfirst to be more aerodynamic

They have a wingspan of 5-6 feet

Females typically lay 3 eggs

Both males and females help incubate the eggs

Sometimes nests are found on telephone poles

Ospreys that breed in New England have been known to spend their winters as far south as Central America

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