Fast Facts: Labor Day

For many people it is the last long weekend of summer. One last time to get out and enjoy the beach or hit the mountains before the weather starts to turn cooler. It’s usually a time for picnics and getting together with friends. You might have the day off but do you know why? Here are some facts about Labor Day to share while you’re chowing down on that burger.

Labor Day Facts

Oregon was the first state to sign Labor Day into law on February 21, 1887

Congress didn’t pass it as a legal holiday until June of 1894

Grover Cleveland was the President that signed it into law

New York City was host to the first Labor Day on September 5, 1882

Outlined in the first proposal of the holiday was a street parade to show the public the strength and spirit of trade and labor organizations

Labor Day occurs the first Monday in September

Some records show Peter McGuire first proposed the idea while others say it was Matthew Maguire

The Central Labor Union of New York chose the September date

It is a day meant to celebrate the achievement of workers

College football and NFL start the regular season Labor Day weekend

Many other countries celebrate International Workers’ Day on May 1st

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