Food for Thought: Rudy’s

by Ashley Phillips

Rudy’s Restaurant & Bar

Located at 1227 Chapel Street, New Haven, CT 06511

Rudy’s is one of my favorite all-around restaurant and bars in New Haven. You can find me there frequently. They always have my favorite beer on tap, Delirium, and have a great selection of burgers and flat breads. It also must be noted that Rudy’s has possibly my favorite fries (or Belgian frites) in all of New Haven, which is a bold statement. I’d definitely recommend getting the samurai or mango aioli with them! My favorite thing at Rudy’s is actually their brunch, though. They offer Caramelized Egg Nog French Toast, a shrimp and chorizo eggs benedict, and delicious omelets which all can be ordered with griddled potatoes or, of course, their Belgian frites. Might I suggest an Irish coffee or mimosa with your meal, as well? Not a bad way to start the weekend!

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