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Fourth of July History: Battle of Gettysburg

Many of you have heard of the Battle of Gettysburg and know it was the bloodiest battle of the Civil War. We decided to go searching to find out some more facts about the battle in honor of the 4th of July and in memory of the 150th Anniversary of the battle. So before heading out to your picnic read through our quick facts and wow your friends with your knowledge.

Battle of Gettysburg

The battle took place July 1-3, 1863

Ten roads lead into town to bring the armies in

On the second day at least 100,000 soldiers took part

There were 120 generals present

63 Medals of Honor were awarded to Union soldiers

Gettysburg has more than 1400 monuments, markers, and tablets

Major General George Gordon Meade was the Union commander

General Robert Edward Lee was the Confederate commander

An estimated 569 tons of ammunition was fired

One civilian was killed when a stray bullet went into her house

General Lee offered his resignation after Gettysburg but was refused

Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address 4 months after the battle

The Confederate Army retreated on July 4, 1863

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