Funny Last Minute Gift Ideas

Throughout this holiday season we have been sharing some gift ideas from our stores. Well, one of our customers headed out to see what other gift ideas there were out and about. Mike Franzman goal was to find some of the more funny and random gifts if you have just flat out run out of ideas of what to get. Here are just a few of Mike’s suggestions. (These also can make great gifts for a Yankee Swap.)

Ridiculously Tiny Purple Christmas Tree! Fits in the palm of your hand! Perfect, when normal-sized, regular-color trees won’t do.

A Tabasco Bottle Full of Men’s Briefs… That’s hot?

Retro Handset for your smartphone!! Simply plus this old-style telephone handset into your cell phone, and instantly look like a moron. (available in several colors)

R.J. Reindeer’s Pooping Pets – it’s nice to have choices, with regard to candy-crapping toys. This one poops delicious Raisinettes.

One Direction Charm Bracelet – your child will presumably wear this on her wrist. So of course, it opens up into a pen that is as sharp as an awl.

Giant Hersey’s Things!! I’ve gone cold-turkey off of chocolate more times than I can count. Always AFTER the holidays, however :)

Dangerous, Deceptive Stocking Stuffer! It says “Heavy Duty Jumbo Carabiner” right on the tag there. But on the item, and on the back, it says “NOT LOAD BEARING.” So, it’s NOT rated, for ANY kind of duty. Do Not Use This. Makes a great gift, lol

Finally, who hasn’t wanted to drink out of a fat guy’s boot? Well, for $2 at Target, that fantasy can be a reality. (Features a handle)

When not searching for random last minute gift items Mike can be found taking professional photographs. His photos have appeared in the Yale Daily News, New Haven Advocate, New Haven Independent, and Daily Nutmeg among others. His portfolio can be found here.

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