Gone Batty: Facts about the Little Brown Bat

Many people think of vampires when their hear bats. I prefer to think of them as my good friends, because they like to eat everything that annoys me in the summer, gnats, flies, moths, wasps, and beetles. Unless they have contracted rabies the Little Brown Bat is harmless to humans. It is by far the most commonly seen bat here in Connecticut. So next time you see a bat flying around don’t freak out, it’s only trying to get all of those insects flying around.

Little Brown Bat Facts

The Little Brown Bat is between 3 – 5 inches long

They weigh only 1/16 – 1/2 an ounce

Their wing span is between 9 – 11 inches

Winter is a time to hibernate in caves and mines

Echolocation is used to find prey

Babies start to fly around 3 weeks old

Each night they can eat 50% of their body weight in insects

Bats wings also help regulate water and gas exchange in the body

White-nose Syndrome is killing off many bats during hibernation

With large populations of bats dying, insects will be more prevalent

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  1. Many of the caves and caverns around the world are actually being closed down to visitors in an effort to try and slow the spread of White-nose. It can be carried by visitors on their shoes from the excrement of infected bats.

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