Guest Bloggers From Bishop Woods Executive Academy: Accountability

Bishop Woods Guest Blogger:  Courtney

December’s theme at Bishop Woods Executive Academy, is “Accountability”.

Basically, accountability is being reliable and trustworthy. For instance, have you ever heard of the word “Accountable”? Well, if you haven’t it basically means “Responsible”. I, as well as others, am held accountable for blogging. Some are held accountable for other things. So the word “Accountability” means to be responsible.

Let’s look back on our other months’ themes:

September was “Initiative”, October was “Self Direction”, and November was “Productivity”. We are all held accountable, or have expected accountability to take initiative, to self-direct ourselves, and to be productive! Phew!

So, Bishop Woods Executive Academy, what are you accountable for?

December is now.
November was last.
Before it was October.
These months go by fast.

We try our best every day.
To be responsible for our actions.
To pay attention, and do fractions.

We have monthly themes,
For fall, winter, and even spring!
For September, what could it be?
And October, too! All this remembering is crazy!

November? Well, let’s take a guess…
Initiative, Self-Direction, and Productivity is right!
And we will do our best to follow these examples of the months!
Even at times, it might be tough,

But do your best, at BWEA

It’s all up to you!
All up to you, what you do.
Now it’s December, the 5th to be exact.
We cannot let us have a harsh react,

That this month’s theme is Accountability!
What does that mean?
Be responsible, and reliable too!
Do your best, even when your home with the flu!

You’re all held accountable, everyone, everyday.
Let’s try our best, at BWEA!

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