Here comes Peter Cottontail: Facts about Rabbits

I have a rabbit that lives in my yard. Well, at least I think he does because I see him all of the time. We have stare downs and I like to talk to him. He doesn’t cause any problems for me so I welcome him. Not everyone feels the same way as rabbits often like to invade your garden and take on your flower patch. Before you get too angry at the rabbit in your yard here are some facts to get to know them better.

Rabbit Facts

Eastern cottontail is the most common

Average lifespan is less than 3 years in the wild

In the winter they eat bark, twigs, and buds

Cottontails can run  up to 18mph

Only 15% of young survive their first year

Rabbits breed 3-4 times a year

Males are called bucks, females are does, and young are kits or kittens

More than half of the world’s rabbits live in North America

Cottontails are the only rabbits that DON’T live underground

Rabbits are most active at dawn and dusk

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