Introducing Rainbow Sandals

We’ve all been there at some point. Our flip flop blew out. You’re walking along and suddenly the strap breaks. I’ve been there. It’s happened to me, but not in the last 9 years. The reason I haven’t had a problem for so long is because 9 years ago I bought a pair of Rainbow Sandals. Since that time there has only been one other brand of flip flop that I will sometimes also wear.

Not only are rainbow sandals very durable but they are also quite comfortable. If you ask a Rainbow wearer what they like best, most will say how they mold to your feet. The sandals have various densities of sponge rubber with “memory” that lead to this molding. This closed cell memory foam molds to your foot instead of collapsing over time. Unlike many other sandals, Rainbows have some arch support also. My favorite aspect though is the top grain leather that is super soft against the bottom of my foot.

For durability each layer is glued 3 times with environmentally friendly glue before being pressed together. All stitching is done using bonded nylon thread. The leather straps come together to a type 3 military spec nylon toe piece. In other words, this sandal was meant to last. Rainbow is so confident in their durability that they will repair or replace your sandal due to manufacturing defects before the top or bottom wears through into the next layer. These defects include the strap pulling out, delamination of layers, stitching coming apart on the box X stitch, and stitching coming apart on the leather strap.

Just remember though that these are leather sandals. That means there will be some break in time. Once you break them in though you will have happy feet.



S – 7.5-8.5

M – 8.5-9.5

L – 9.5-10.5

XL – 11-12

XXL – 12-13.5


S – 5.5-6.5

M – 6.5-7.5

L – 7.5-8.5

XL – 8.5-9.5

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