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Lighting up the night: Firefly Facts

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Who doesn’t love to chase around Fireflies in the summer. Also known as Lightening Bugs, many a child has run around trying to catch one in a jar (we know some adults too.) These little insects delight us on lazy summer nights. Here are some facts to let you know a little bit more about those natural glowing animals.

 Firefly Facts

There are about 2000 species

They are beetles

Oxygen is combined with a substance called luciferin to produce the light

The light produced gives off no heat

Blinking is used to help find mates

Blinking also can warn predators away

Larvae and eggs can also glow

Adults eat nectar or pollen

Larvae eat worms and slugs

Fireflies like warm and humid conditions

Don’t feed your pet reptile Fireflies, it could kill them

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