Lobsta Time: Facts about Lobsters

Tie on your bib and get cracking. New England is well known for it’s lobsters and every summer tourists flock to the coasts for their lobster rolls and fresh lobsters right off the boat. So here are some facts about those sought after crustaceans.

Lobster Facts

The largest lobster ever caught weighed 44.4 lbs

Average lifespan is 50 years

More than 200,000 tons of lobster are caught annually worldwide

Related to shrimp and crabs

They have poor eyesight

In the 17th and 18th century they were used as fertilizer in the Northeastern US

Females carry their eggs for up to a year

In order to grow they must molt their shells

Not all lobsters have claws

American lobsters need to be around 6-7 years old before their are an edible size


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