Need Inspiration? Check Out Trailblazer TV & Trailblazer Radio to Help You Get Outside

Need a little inspiration?  Yeah, we do too sometimes.  Wanted to remind you to check out our YouTube channel called Trailblazer TV, and Pandora station called Trailblazer Radio to help you get inspired and get outside.

Trailblazer TV has a variety of playlists to keep you entertained and maybe even help you learn a thing or two.  You can check out our “Get Inspired” playlist (below), or head over to our “Gear School” playlist (easy to access once you click into our channel) to learn about how to take care of your stuff.  Other playlists include resources for climbing, hiking, running, & even some “local flavor” from New Haven, CT, home of our flagship store.

Trailblazer Radio is especially fun, because we built it using the free internet radio service, Pandora, aka the Music Genome Project.  Although we’ve gotten this one started for you, the channel will continually analyze what you like and don’t like, eventually becoming a completely customized and different musical experience for each individual listener.  Go ahead….give it a shot, and enjoy!

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