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Never Forget: Facts about the World Trade Center

It was 12 years ago on a beautiful September day that our world changed. Lives were lost and countless injuries occurred. Two iconic buildings that towered over the lower Manhattan skyline were no more. While many of us remember exactly where we were when we first heard the news not many people know or remember facts about the Twin Towers themselves.

World Trade Center Facts

There were 7 buildings in the World Trade Center Complex

Tower 1, the North Tower was the tallest at 1368 feet high

Each floor of the Twin Towers had 1 acre of rentable space

All together there was 10,000,000 square feet of rentable space in the Twin Towers

Glass covered 600,000 square feet of the towers

The World Trade Center had its own zip code, 10048

Subway station below was used by 150,000 people daily

To rest on solid bedrock 70 feet of foundation needed to be excavated

During the peak of construction 3,500 people worked at the site

Every day 30,000 cups of coffee were served

Tons of food were delivered each day, 87 tons to be exact

The whole complex had 239 elevators

Each of the Twin Towers was 110 stories and had 7 levels underground

The miracle of birth occurred 17 times

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