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Ouch that Stings: Facts about Jellyfish

It’s that time of year for Long Island Sound. The ocean waters have warmed up and brought in the jellyfish. Every year we hold out hope that they won’t invade our beaches, but sure enough they usually do and keep many of us out of the water. Next time you see one washed up on the beach wow your friends with some facts about these jelly like creatures.

Jellyfish Facts

They’re plankton, not fish

Size ranges from less than an inch to nearly 7 feet long

Jellyfish don’t purposely attack humans

They predate dinosaurs

They eat fish, shrimp, crabs, tiny plants, and smaller jellyfish

Water makes up about 98% of the jellyfish

An adult jellyfish is a medusa

They have no heart or brain

Some people eat jellyfish and consider it a delicacy

Deep-sea jellyfish can live as far down as 23,000 feet below sea level

Tentacles separated from the jellyfish can still sting

Lion’s mane jellyfish are the largest known and have tentacles over 100 feet

The most common jellyfish around America is the Moon jellyfish


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