Paddling in Stonington Harbor

Heading out for some Long Island Sound paddling, Stonington Harbor makes a beautiful destination. Near the end of Long Island and Fisher’s Island the harbor has even more protection from the open ocean by some breakwaters. Unless you are lucky enough to have connections at one of the yacht clubs or commercial fishing launches in the harbor you will have to paddle in from a public launch. The closest of these launches is the Barn Island State Launch to the East of Stonington Harbor.


Coming from the east you will get a great view of the Old Stonington Lighthouse. The lighthouse first went into use in 1840 and lit the way for boats through Fisher’s Island Sound until 1889. The lighthouse is at the end of historic Stonington Borough. As you paddle along you will be able to take in the beautiful architecture of the buildings in the Borough. You may even recognize scenes from either Hope Springs or Mystic Pizza which both filmed in the borough.

Another highlight is heading out to one of the breakwaters and pulling your boat up on the little rocky beach area. This is a great spot to take a break from paddling and enjoy a picnic. On a clear day you may even be able to catch a glimpse of Block Island in the distance. Or you could just look north and admire all of the boats moored in the harbor. To the south you will be greeted by Fisher’s Island. No matter where you look you will have great views while paddling in Stonington Harbor.

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