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Take a Trip on the Block Island Ferry

It may be just under 10 square miles, but Block Island is “One of the 12 Last Great Places in the Western Hemisphere” according to the Nature Conservancy. Packed into those 10 sq. mi. are 17 miles of beaches and 365 freshwater ponds. There are lighthouses, a quaint downtown, and 250-foot bluffs.


Most people get to Block Island by taking one of two ferry services from New England. The Rhode Island based Block Island Ferry runs its Traditional Ferry and a Hi-Speed Ferry out of Point Judith. The Traditional Ferry takes about 55 minutes from port to port and carries motor vehicles, bikes, mopeds, motorcycles, and surfboards to go along with the passengers. The Hi-Speed Ferry only can take passengers and bikes but gets you into port in 30 minutes from Point Judith. They also have a Hi-Speed Ferry that is new this summer that will be running from Newport. If you are traveling from Connecticut visitors can take the Block Island Express Hi-Speed Ferry out of New London that takes just over an hour.


Once on Block Island the best way to get around, in my opinion, is by bicycle. You can bring your own on one of the ferries or rent one once on the island. Many people also enjoy renting mopeds to cruise around to all of the island’s hot spots. If you are there for a day, weekend, or even a full week there is plenty for you to do. That is if relaxing on the beach isn’t enough for you.


If you are going to Block Island be sure to check out one, if not both, of the lighthouses. Constructed in 1875 the Southeast Lighthouse is still used as a Coast Guard navigational aid. In 1993 the lighthouse had to be moved back away from the bluffs that are slowly eroding away.


My favorite spot to visit on the Island is the Mohegan Bluffs. Just a short distance from the Southeast Lighthouse, these magnificent bluffs are a sight to behold. They are best viewed by taking the 100+ stairs down to Corn Cove beach. From the beach you can look up and marvel at the different layers of clay that built up as the island was forming 12,000 years ago. If you are lucky you may even catch some surfers out on the water looking for the day’s best waves.


Summers on Block Island do tend to get busy so plan ahead and make reservations for the Ferry, especially if you plan on visiting on the weekend. Pack your bathing suit, sunscreen, and sunglasses because you will be transported to beach time when you step off the ferry.

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