The Beauty of Flight: Facts about Dragonflies

It is hard not to notice the abundance of dragonflies around this time of year. While they may fly around your head they are for the most part harmless insects. Better yet, they are extremely helpful to those of us that just can’t stand mosquitoes. Next time you are outside and see some flying around you’ll be able to impress your friends with some of these facts about the dragonfly.

Dragonfly Facts

Adults eat 30-100 mosquitoes a day

There are more than 5,000 species

Most of the dragonfly’s head is eye giving them incredible vision

Fossils of dragonflies have wingspans up to 2 feet

Engineers study the flight of dragonflies for robots

They only eat prey they catch while flying

Dragonflies have close to a 95% capture rate

In the larval state dragonflies are aquatic

All 4 wings work independently

They have powerful serrated jaws

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