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The Snowy Owl Invasion

Recently there are been more and more sightings of snowy owls down here in Connecticut, especially along the shoreline beaches. While these birds are usually found hanging around in the Arctic regions of the world they do sometimes make there way down “south” to our area to spend their winters. Many people now think of Hedwig, Harry Potter’s owl, when they hear of snowy owls, but we have some more facts about them for you.

Snowy Owl Facts

Average lifespan in the wild is 9.5 years

Body size is 20-28 inches

Wingspan 4.2-4.8 feet

An adult can eat up to 1600 lemmings a year (their food of choice)

They also eat rabbits, rodents, birds, and fish

Like most other owls they also have keen eyesight and hearing

Unlike other owls they hunt both night and day

Females are darker in color than males

Females lay a clutch of 3-11 eggs with the size depending on the availability of food

Parents are very territorial and will defend their nests even against wolves

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